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The Pirate Hypnotist Story

Arrr, the Pirate Hypnotist story starts when he was born--as the tall-masted ship tossed in a storm on the high seas, belowdecks in the captain's cabin, his mother lay in labor for seven days and nights, using hypnosis to calmly and painlessly give birth to him.

Well, she might have really been in a hospital on dry land, and it might have only taken an hour or two, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good story, mateys!

Within a few days, she was back to climbing the rigging and ordering the capture of Spanish galleons laden with gold from the New World, with baby James slung on her hip next to the cutlass.

Arrr, in truth, landlubbers, she was back at work in the live theater, with baby James sitting next to her backstage. In fact, most of his first week was spent there, and he's been in front of audiences ever since. Whether performing as a champion storyteller, award-winning musician, or comedy hypnotist, the Pirate Hypnotist always puts on an unforgettable show.

Though he first studied hypnosis with the goal of helping others--which he does in his office in Bastrop County, Texas, when he's not sailing the seven seas--the stage kept calling to him, so he's now proud to combine his decades of stage experience with his expertise as a hypnotist to create a unique and exciting experience for his audiences.


You're Not Into Pirates, You Say?

(Well, what are you doing looking at this site?)

James Hazlerig has several other fun hypnotic characters he likes to adopt for shows. He worked previously as the Kilted Hypnotist--and you'll still find that character on YouTube. Around Halloween, he dons the hypno-wizard costume to perform mind magic for children in his hometown, and during the Yuletide, he uses group hypnosis to summon the holiday spirit as the incredible Hypno-Santa.


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