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Are you looking for entertainment that is
unique and fun?

Do you want a special performance
to make your event stand out?

Do you need adventure and excitement?

In that case,




When the Pirate Hypnotist takes the stage, optical illusions and tricks of the mind become riveting entertainment.

When the Pirate Hypnotist takes the stage,  the audience members  join his pirate crew to become the stars of the show.

When the Pirate Hypnotist takes the stage, you become a hero to your friends for booking the best show they ever saw.

Drawing on his years of experience as a seasoned performer, James Hazlerig creates the perfect show for any event--corporate parties, high school graduations, county fairs, birthday celebrations, or even just a night at your favorite bar.

With his skills as a certified hypnotist, James Hazlerig will mesmerize and entertain your audience, giving them a night they will talk about for years to come.

Just see how much fun this mild-mannered audience member is having as she transforms into an Austin rock star at the suggestion of the Pirate Hypnotist.

Of course, with a certified hypnotist on hand, all of the volunteers are perfectly safe at all times.

You  go safely into trance, and you come out of trance at the end of the show feeling fantastic, knowing you had lots of fun--even when you don't remember what happened or how long it took!

Some hypnotists are afraid to work shows for fewer than 100 people, or in less than perfect conditions.

The Pirate Hypnotist fears nothing!


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